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Top activities to do in Europe before the end of winter

Winter is not over yet and some European countries offer their fair share of fun activities.

The snowfall adds another beautiful element, providing so much winter activities for your best experience.

Here are some options that “I Need Tours” suggest not to miss when choosing what to do before the winter ends.

1-Go skiing

If you’re a ski enthusiast, then you cannot pass up the opportunity to ski some of the most famous peaks in the world; if you’re a novice, then there is not any better time or place to pick up a new hobby! The Alps in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy play host to some of the most famous ski destinations

2- See the Aurora Borealis

To view one of nature’s most magnificent shows, head north, preferably when it’s darkest and coldest. One of the complicated things about the Northern Lights is that they are completely unpredictable and very weather dependent. Iceland and Swedish Lapland have offered to thousands of travelers the opportunity to witness the magic of Aurora Borealis

3-Thermal baths

If winter’s got you feeling chilled to your bones, head to Budapest, Hungary and slip in some thermal baths. Budapest is known as the “City of Baths,” but isn’t your only option though. Europe has so many others hot spring baths and spas to relax in, including Blue Lagoon in Iceland and Therme Vals in Switzerland

4- Get involved in local traditions

All over Europe, cities and countries take their winter celebrations very seriously. Each region has their own traditions that you should definitely experience when you’re living in Europe. For example in Iceland, Reykjavík makes the best of their long winter days in the beginning of February.

5- Husky Sledding Trips

Finland is an excellent destination for the lovers of winter activities. One of those must-do activity in your visit to Finland in the winter time is husky sledding. As the name suggests, for this type of dog sledding, a team of specially trained Siberian Huskies are attached to a sled for a magnificent ride through the stunning Finnish wilderness


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