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Tired about winter? Let's talk about the warmest cities to visit in Europe during February

If you are tired of the cold weather and gray skies, it’s time to say goodbye to low temperatures during the month of February.

This is a list that has been prepared by “I Need Tours” to inform some of the warmest and sun-kissed places that will make you forget about winter.

And Europe has it all, from staggering alpine views to pristine beaches to untouched, raw countrysides and even breathtaking architecture. And what this continent offers you in February are balmy temperatures, smaller crowds and of course some festivals.

1-Algarve, Portugal

Portugal’s southernmost region, Algarve, known for its golden shores and mild weather, is the perfect place to soak up some much needed Vitamin D this February. With temperatures ranging between 13 - 17 °C and with almost no rainfall, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. But despite having a brilliant landscape, rich culture and dazzling culinary scene, it is so enchanting and of course not as crowded as summer months.

2-Barcelona, Spain

One of Europe’s top tourist destinations, Barcelona is a city that is located right on the coast, touched by the Mediterranean sea on its eastern side. Although weather-wise February is not the greatest month here, the number of festivals and activities taking place in the city make up for the relative chill. The average temperature is around 10-15°C (not exactly perfect beach weather) and you can expect a little rainfall in passing. But don’t let the cold get you down - there is much to do and see in the Catalan capital

3-Nice, France

France has a number of small cities and islands are quite cold in the month of February, except for one of them. Nice, this picturesque coastal town is perfect to get away from the cold, boring winters that mars the rest of the country. Located on the French Riviera, at the foothills of the Alps, this charming city has been welcoming artists and aesthetes for decades and decades, and more recently, sun seekers.

4- Canary Islands, Spain

Sticking to Spain, our next destination takes us to the southernmost tip of the country, to the beautiful and warm, Canary Islands. Composed of 7 small islands - Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, this archipelago is a common destination for sun-seekers, and for good reason. The average temperature in the month of February is between 18 - 21°C! With over 11 hours of sunshine you have the perfect answer to the cold and depressing winters.

5- Rome, Italy

They say it is never a bad time to visit Rome, and whoever they are, they’re absolutely right. The capital of Italy is bustling with tourists all year round given its cultural and historical significance. However, during the winter months (particularly November- March) the crowds thin out a little bit, given the slightly cooler weather. The average temperature in February is about 8-10°C with little chance of rainfall. Travelling during this month allows you to avoid the sweltering heat of summer and harsh coldness of winter, as February is almost the ‘in between month’.

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