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Do you want to feel the real fear? The spookiest areas for Halloween in Europe

If you’re looking to do something different for Halloween, “I Need Tours” is happy to suggest a list of the best places to go in Europe. Besides the parties and special events, we have prepared a short list of the spooky places, to feel frightened, and fully experience this famous day.

1. Ghost Walk (England)

There’s a walking tour every Saturday at 7pm to discover the Nottingham city’s terrifying past! These tours started in 1993 when ghosts and paranormal activity around the city were detected. Considered one of the spookiest places to spend Halloween, this tour goes around different areas of the city. Including the Castle, Belvoir castle and Newstead Abbey, all these are places where is said to be felt the presence of ghosts. This spooky tour lasts 90 minutes.

2. Spirits of Meath in Dublin (Ireland)

A lot of people say that Halloween started in Meath. In fact, Samhain is a 2,000 year old Celtic festival and is very much like our modern Halloween. If you’re traveling to Meath between October 6 and November 4, you’ll be in for a Halloween treat! For instance, you’ll be able to join the pumpkin carving contests, take a stroll around the “Happy hotel” or listen to all sorts of horror tales. The Spirits of Meath are waiting for you.

3. Bloody Sexy Halloween in Brno (Czech Republic)

No one here is frightened by terrifying stories! It’s the largest Halloween event in the Czech Republic with over 5,000 people! There’s dancing performances, Pyrotechnics, DJ’s and a best costume competition. The Bloody Sexy Halloween event will take place on November 2, 2018 at SaSaZu, and a general admission ticket costs £12.

4. Samhuin Fire in Edinburgh (Scotland)

During Halloween, the city of Edinburgh brings life to its dark past. Live again the horrors of the plague and the days of grave robberies as you take a ghostly tour through the city’s scariest landmarks. Discover the underground chambers of Edinburgh and travel through the tunnels and haunted passageways that once existed under the South Bridge. It may be hard to believe, but in fact, thousands of people once lived in these small confined spaces.

5. Mysteries of Prague

Prague is one of those destinations where whether it be Halloween or not, there’s a mysterious draw to it. The Old City hides a multitude of mysteries. According to legends in the Czech capital, inexplicable paranormal events happen to the naked eye. But if there is something really scary in Prague it is its Jewish Cemetery. Also there are those who even claim to have seen some spectrum near their famous Astronomical Clock.


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