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7 of Europe Best Events you shouldn’t miss this year

Meanwhile the winter approaching so fast, it would be better to pack your things and travel somewhere before you get stuck inside from the snow or the missing desire to get out of your house. “I Need Tours” is glad to suggest some nice festivals which are designed to take advantage of the cooler weather. And the cities are making preparations for the festive season. Here are the best events in November to attend if you’re in Europe.

1-Wine & Cheese Festival – Hungary

This festival takes part at the end of this month, exactly 28-29 at Vajdahnayd Castle. It offers visitors some of Hungary’s best new wines. They’re paired with traditional cheeses from across the country. A ticket includes a tasting glass and free entry to the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture.

2-Alba White Truffle Festival – Italy

The Alba White Truffle Fair in Italy is the largest exhibition of truffles. It takes place from October 6 until November 25. Farmers from the nearby hills display thousands of batches of truffles, which they make available for sale to the public.

3-Koblenz Weihnachtsmarkt – Germany

This event starts at the last week of November and runs until a few days before Christmas. It takes place in the Old Town and features over 100 decorated wooden stalls. These sell a range of goods, from candy to handmade toys. You’ll also find a range of traditional German food and drinks, and various performances and concerts — perfect for warming up in winter.

4-Sinterklaas Parade – Netherlands

Amsterdam is a vibrant city during November and December despite the cold. The arrival of Saint Nicholas kicks off the festive season in style. Then leads a parade through the city. Children flock to the parade to witness the spectacle, and there’s a fantastic atmosphere surrounding the event.

5-Bonfire Night – England

Each year in November the London skies light up in celebration of Bonfire Night. This British tradition dates back to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 when Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. These days it’s one of the world’s most elaborate fireworks displays over the skies of the capital.

6-Rome Jazz Festival – Italy

7- Italian Opera Season – Italy

Italy is the birthplace of opera, and each November the new season kicks off at opera houses throughout the country. You’ll find a wide range of performances in most cities. Even if you’re not a fan of the art form it’s well worth considering picking up some tickets to at least one show.

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